Format: Captain’s Choice (i.e. Scramble)

  • All players tee off at each hole. The “best” drive is then selected and marked by the team captain. All other players pick up their ball and play from within one club-length of the “best” ball marked, no closer to the hole.
  • The “best” second shot is selected and marked, and the procedure is repeated until the ball is holed.
  • If a team is missing a player, the team can play an extra shot on a rotating basis among team members.
  • Preferred lies everywhere. However, the condition of the ball played must remain the same. The ball may be moved within one club length, no closer to the hole, and on the greens moved within 4 inches either side of the ball used, no closer to the hole.

Rules of Play:

  • Men play from the Blue Tees, Women from the White Tees. Men 65+ may play from the Gold Tees.
  • Max score on a hole is Bogey.
  • U.S.G.A. Rules govern all play.
  • All water hazards are lateral. All environmental areas are treated as lateral water hazards.
  • Drop areas are located on the opposite side of hazards.

Local Rules:

  • Please repair your ball marks and replace your divots.
  • In case of ties, we will match scorecards beginning with #1 Handicap Hole.
  • White boulders are 150-yard markers from the center of the green.
  • Yardages can be found in the center of the fairway at 50 yard increments.

Download the rules as a PDF