Your support for Denim and Diamonds will directly support AAMC’s efforts to increase mental health services. AAMC’s goal is to offer the right treatment at the right time, and require inpatient admissions only when necessary for the patient. When complete, the campus will provide:

  • Inpatient mental health care.
  • A psychiatric partial hospitalization program.
  • Intensive outpatient programs.
  • Residential and outpatient substance use services.
  • Referral and care coordination to community-based treatment and support services.


Mental health and substance abuse care has been identified as one of the top health priorities in our region and our community.

More than 11% of Anne Arundel County residents seek mental health care every year, and the numbers are rising. Anne Arundel County ranks the third-highest in the state of Maryland for drug and alcohol intoxication deaths, after Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

In Anne Arundel County, there are only 24 crisis temporary beds and only one inpatient psychiatric unit with 14. There are located in Northern Anne Arundel County and those beds are virtually always full.

There is only one Spanish-speaking psychiatrist available to the uninsured Hispanic population, and fewer than 3 bilingual mental health counselors in the region.

In 2016, 3,198 patients requiring an emergency mental health evaluation came to AAMC’s Emergency Department. 40% of those patients required transfer to an inpatient psychiatric hospital.

In 2016, AAMC’s Emergency Department saw 2,595 adult patients with mental health and substance abuse needs.

In 2017, there were 1,097 opioid overdose cases in Anne Arundel County, 155 of which were fatal. To date in 2018, there have been 791 opioid overdose cases, 134 of which were fatal. This is a 30% increase from 2017 and the numbers continue to rise.

Officials at the Pathways substance abuse treatment center estimate that 80% of their patients have a co-occurring disorder, yet treatment and payment options are often in separate silos.


Pathways offers the only residential substance abuse and co-occurring disorder treatment for adolescents in Anne Arundel County. AAMC saw more than 800 pediatric emergency psychiatric evaluations in 2017. 50% of these children were ill enough to require inpatient psychiatric hospitalization. These are children that have tried to commit suicide, harm themselves, harm someone else, have depression or anxiety disorder, and/or are self-medicating with a variety of prescription and/or illegal drugs.

The hospital would be co-located with a psychiatric partial hospitalization program and potentially an outpatient mental health clinic on the same campus as AAMC’s Pathways treatment facility.

Offering a full spectrum of services at one location will allow for coordinated care and better outcomes.